Job review from in Aurora, CO 80113 on 05/06/16

Overall Rating:

5  out of 5

After a brief struggle with some miscommunications about the contract in the beginning Monica Lowrey became involved and was our only contact person throughout the entire job. Her knowledge of working with uncooperative mortgage companies and the ins and outs of how to obtain the individual payments from the mortgage company was very impressive. She not only do the job of an office worker but she was quite adept at handling issues in the field with the construction workers and Painters. She even got up on a ladder one day with the painter to inspect some gutters that were not painted. She scheduled all of the contract labor and notified us on the day each crew would be at our house to complete their jobs and she gave us projected dates that were very accurate of completion of each other projects. When we received payment he came to our home to pick the checks up personally so we would not have to drive or leave my home do to my illness of cancer. I would recommend Wimmer Roofing to all my friends Neighbors and anyone else who is seeking to have a roof repaired house painted fence painted in gutters installed all because of the efforts of Monica Lowrey. I don't feel there are enough good things we can say about Monica and her customer service your thoughtfulness for consideration her knowledge of her job and for her personally accepting all responsibilities of the issues that were created in the beginning that made me and my wife very uneasy upset and stressed out. Please allow Monica to see this survey and it would be my opinion as a private business owner to do everything possible to keep Monica happy and pay her accordingly for the work she does and her commitment to Wimmer Roofing company . I was very disgruntled in the beginning of the project and was actually considering going with a different roofing company. Monica did not beg us to stay with him she simply asked us to give her a chance to make things right. She gave us her personal guarantee that she would see to everything being completed accurately Timely and with limited involvement from us. After every project was completed she came to the house to inspect it with us and make sure we were completely satisfied. We have been in the customer service business 14 years and we have never met a person or employee that can compare to monica. Without Monica it is highly likely we would have opted to go with a different roofing company. I've had the opportunity to but I would like to personally thank Monica and express our gratitude to her personally. It is not often in this day and age that we find employees that are that committed to their employer and Company. If Monica ever needed a job she would be the first person I called to ask her to come work for our company. Please make sure that Monica received all the credit she deserves. I would like to hear from her boss or the owner of the company so that I know she was recognized for going above and beyond to make sure we were completely happy with the repairs of our home. She is more than just an asset Wimmer Roofing. She is a very big reason this company is likely successful. I would be happy to speak with anybody that would like to call me to discuss anything else in reference to this company its employees and specifically Monica. Thank you Joseph

Our Overall Service

Monica handled a majority of our paperwork. She worked with the mortgage company and the insurance company to make sure all monies were received and paid

Call Representative

At the time of the roof repair I was going through colon cancer. I was very overwhelmed by the demands of the mortgage company and the insurance company. Monica Lowrey took over our claim and make sure that all payments and paperwork was submitted on time and by their deadlines

Our Service Person

We cannot say enough good things about what a pleasure it was to work with Monica. She knew her job thoroughly and she also understood the complexities of dealing with a mortgage company and obtaining the payments. We would come back to Wimmer Roofing and recommend Wimmer Roofing solely based on Monica and her commitment to us and getting the project done on time and accurately.

Our Service Person's Diagnosis

Mike met the independent adjuster at our house and make sure that everything that could have been potentially damaged during the hailstorm was covered. He went over our house fence roof windows screens and gutters and found every potential dent water damage that could have been created by the severe hail storm.

Our Service Work

The crew completed our entire roof in one day. The painters Rego and his crew were courteous considerate and involved us in the paint selection process to make sure everything was exactly the way we wanted it. It was very reassuring to see how concerned Rigo was about his work product. One of the issues he ran into was matching our shutters to the new shutters he purchased they were not exactly the same but we're very close he took time to show me the difference in the two shutters. I would never have noticed the difference in the shutters had he just hung them and not told . His honesty and integrity spoke volumes about his painting crew and the types of contractors Wimmer Roofing hires for their jobs.

The Cleanup Process

At the end of the day upon completion of the work the entire crew walked our yard with a fine-tooth comb searching for every potential nail shingle piece of trash and debris. One day I found two Nails in the driveway that were apparently under the tire of the trash trailer I just happen to be on the phone the owner of the company and he was willing to send the crew back to pick up two nails and go over my yard again. I told him that was not necessary but I was fully amazed by his concern and his integrity.

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